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停车 & 通过停车

车辆s without 公园ing passes or ParkMobile payment will be ticketed.

Charlotte County beaches & boat ramps are pay to 公园. 成本是0美元.每小时75元. If you have a State issued handicap permit (plate or placard), you may 公园 for free at any Charlotte County operated beach, 公园, boat ramp or fishing pier, provided the person issued the permit is present.


Englewood Beach and Port Charlotte Beach: 6 a.m. 到晚上9点.m.
船坡道 and Fishing Piers: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

支付 on ParkMobile Mobile Application

Beach and boat ramp 公园ing can be paid at the beach with your smartphone or in advance by tablet, computer or smartphone. 参观 ParkMobile网站 or download the app from Google Play or the App Store. 


停车 passes are available for those who frequently visit and enjoy our beautiful Charlotte County beaches and boat ramps. Passes can be purchased by mail or in-person and need to be affixed to the vehicle on the inside front windshield, 乘客一边, 底部角落.

  • $53.50
  • Effective for 1 year from the month of purchase
  • $37.45
  • Effective for 6 months from the month of purchase
  • $26.75
  • Effective for 3 months from the month of purchase

Beach and boat ramp patrons are encouraged to renew or apply for a new 公园ing pass by mail.


停车 passes may be purchased 在线.


完成 停车券 Application and mail it with your payment to Charlotte County 社区服务 – 政府, 1120 Centennial Blvd.夏洛特港, FL 33953. Providing a self-addressed, stamped envelope helps reduce the cost of this program.

支付ment must be made by check or credit card. Cash is not accepted. Checks should be made payable to Board of 县委员会ers. Please allow 10 business days for processing and return mailing of your new pass.


停车 passes can also be purchased or renewed in person at the following Charlotte County recreation facilities:

  • 安 & Chuck Dever Regional Park Pool, 7001 San Casa Drive, Englewood
  • 安 & Chuck Dever Regional Park 娱乐 Center, 6961 San Casa Drive, Englewood (closed at this time)
  • Centennial Park 娱乐 Center, 1120 Centennial Blvd.夏洛特港
  • Harold Avenue Regional Park, 23400 Harold Avenue夏洛特港
  • Port Charlotte Beach Park, 4500 Harbor Blvd夏洛特港 (closed at this time)
  • South County Regional Park, 670 Cooper Street蓬塔戈达
  • Tringali公园, 3460 N Access Rd, Englewood (closed at this time)

或者在任何地方 Charlotte County Tax Collector's office (available in-person only and checks must be made payable to Charlotte County Tax Collector):

  • 默多克圆环18500号夏洛特港 
  • 6868 San Casa Drive, Englewood 
  • 奥利恩大道21229号., Suite B夏洛特港
  • 泰勒街410号.蓬塔戈达

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